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".. your professionalism put me at ease."

I just wanted to drop you a line. Firstly thank you for making my first hydrotherapy colonic experience a good one. As you know I was quite nervous about it and your professionalism put me at ease.

I also wanted to update you on my following days after the treatment.

On day two post treatment, I noticed a considerable difference with my stomach, it was so much flatter. I was quite shocked at the noticeable difference – was this due to lack of bloating?

By day 3, my bowel movements had resumed as you said it would and day 4, twice for the day.

This was impressive for me as you know, my schedule previously was once every two days.

I am thoroughly pleased with the results and will certainly book a follow up appointment before I go on leave at the end of July.
— Patient suffering with lethargy, bloating and constipation - Dubai

"..I feel cared for and nurtured."

I’m writing to say how much I have valued my treatments from Gemma.

She’s helped me to achieve a great balance and sense of well being. Thank you.

I really miss our sessions and will be your first customer if you ever return to UK.

Gemma is totally professional, knowledgable, friendly, sensitive, informative, and she has a unique ability to respond instinctively to what I need each time I have a treatment.

As well as being able to trust her completely, I feel cared for and nurtured.

I have been going to Gemma for several years, I really miss her style in the treatment room.

I have had lymph drainage massages, which make me feel incredibly cared for, with the gentleness yet strength and the feelings of trust and wellbeing that seem to flow with the massage.

I always leave feeling ready for anything, yet relaxed.

I have also had many many colonic hydrotherapy treatments, always comfortable and often I learn much from Gemma about how my body works and reacts.

The treatments themselves are very enjoyable with beneficial results. She is always ready to give advice on anything I ask, even taking the trouble to research for me.

My whole family has benefitted, from Gemma’s care, including my young granddaughter and pregnant daughter in law.
— Regular patient of Colon Hydrotherapy & Lymphatic Drainage Massage - UK
I just wanted to say thank you for my appointment and treatment today. It was great to finally talk to someone who was able to give me such a variation of information. It was so interesting.
— Fertility Reflexology patient - balancing hormones to encourage natural conception

"You did such a wonderful job."

Thank you for your time Gemma, I am feeling great now and ready to kick off a fresh start. You did such a wonderful job.
— Colon Hydrotherapy patient suffering from chronic constipation

".. I became pregnant with twins.."

I was introduced to Gemma and reflexology through my acupuncturist, after trying to conceive for several years without success.

I was advised that reflexology, along with acupuncture would maximise my chances of achieving a successful pregnancy, once I began fertility treatment.

From the very beginning Gemma immediately put me at ease and explained exactly what she would be doing and how each point on the foot helped.

I had so many questions, yet Gemma always took her time to answer them and explain as clearly as possible, to reassure me about what was happening at each session.

She had a full understanding of fertility treatment and would treat the appropriate points, dependent on where I was on my cycle and also where I was up to in terms of treatment.

Each session took place in a relaxing, calm environment, where Gemma always had relaxing music playing and she spoke calmly and patiently during each treatment.

At the end of each session I came away feeling calm, relaxed, full of hope (and very sleepy!) It is totally natural to feel tired during treatment, and often I would find that I had fallen asleep! Gemma knew exactly when to speak to me and exactly when to just let me be!

Throughout my fertility treatment, Gemma advised me on the best times to have reflexology and when not to. She didn’t ever push me in to having unnecessary additional treatments, she simply advised on the best times for me.

Fortunately, after a couple of rounds of fertility treatment and a series of reflexology and acupuncture sessions, I finally achieved my dream and became pregnant with twins!

I truly believe that without Gemma’s help this wouldn’t have been possible, she was my saviour, who helped me through a very difficult time and I will always be grateful for the help, patience, support and care that she showed to me.

If ever anybody was experiencing infertility, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend reflexology, as it really is the most calming, relaxing and enjoyable treatment you could ever wish to have.

Thank you Gemma for everything that you did for me, I will always be grateful and now have the perfect family that I always dreamed of!
— Fertility Reflexology, then Pregnancy Reflexology patient - UK

"I’ve told everyone how much better I’ve felt. "

Gemma, thank you so much!

I can’t say enough good things about it. I’ve told everyone how much better I’ve felt. I tried to get back in before I left, but you were booked solid. I will make an apt when I come back through Dubai in Nov.

I am referring my friends and will be forwarding them your contact information. Thank you again,
— Patient of colon hydrotherapy, suffering with constipation and bloating - Dubai


Wow.... am still floating after the session!

Must be the most relaxed I have felt in a long time, so thank you very much!! I’m feeling positive that I will find the most natural solution possible for my body!

I appreciate all your advice and guidance Gemma, thank you very much.
— Lymphatic Drainage & Reflexology patient - Dubai

".. not as bad as I feared.."

Thanks again for the truly interesting experience. It definitely was not as bad as I was expecting or fearing!

I felt a bit tired and had a small headache afterwards, but felt great the last couple of days and will definitely do more treatments!
— First ever experience of Colon Hydrotherapy - Dubai

"Thank you again for your excellent care of my patient."

Thank you again for your excellent care of my patient.

It’s been a relief to have a professional such as yourself to count upon at distance. I appreciate the detail you have put in your report, which for the visceral treatment is important for the progress of her recovery.

In the last five years, I’ve struggled to find a good colon hydrotherapist with enough clinical practice for my clients.

I appreciated very much that you took her case on and that you gave her exactly what she needed. I commend your skills, both bedside manner and technical.

Many thanks for taking the time to give a full report and to cc it to me. I will be recommending you to our patients passing or staying in Dubai.
— Isabelle de Reyher, Naturopathic Practitioner - UK (I treated her client who was visiting Dubai)

"My symptoms began to improve, including my skin."

I decided to get Lymphatic Drainage Massage treatment, because I’d been told I had a sluggish lymph, causing a build up of toxicity within the body. (Diagnosed by VEGA testing with a master herbalist.)

He advised LDMs, along with dry skin brushing and herbs.

After my 1st session, initially I felt a little nauseous and dizzy. However, that soon passed, then I felt light and full of energy. Gemma reassured me this was because my body was detoxing.

I was full of life and energy for days after and just felt great.

I had several sessions with Gemma and the initial nausea went by the 3rd session.

My symptoms began to improve, including my skin.

I’ve also had many other treatments with Gemma as I truly found her excellent at what she does.

She is always so open, approachable, friendly and always smiling and very easy to relax with. She’s very knowledgable about many aspects of the holistic field and really has given me such great advice about healing myself and improving my overall health.

LDMs have really helped me and I still continue to get them. I really recommend them to anyone. Such a shame Gemma has moved away and cannot do them anymore for me, as it’s just not the same with someone else!
— Testimonial from a UK patient, suffering with a sluggish lymph system and skin problems.

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