You're not alone.

I'm Gemma, Natural Health Practitioner, with over a decade experience helping people like you manage and overcome frustrating health problems, including digestive, fertility and stress-related issues, to enjoy an enhanced feeling of well being.

Working with the 'Juice Master" Jason Vale & team at his Juicy Oasis Retreat & Spa, Portugal, in 2013.

Working with the 'Juice Master" Jason Vale & team at his Juicy Oasis Retreat & Spa, Portugal, in 2013.

Specialising in detox, IBS reliefcolon hydrotherapy (colonic irrigation/ colon cleanse), lymphatic drainage and fertility and pregnancy reflexology.

I'm honoured to be a trusted Colon Hydrotherapist Consultant at Jason Vale's (the juice master) Juicy Oasis retreats in Portugal (that's me on the far right of the photo!)

I also run special 'Baby Relax' workshops, teaching parents calming, bonding baby massage and reflexology, also offering baby yoga soon! 

This never feels like a ‘job’ to me, I really do count myself lucky that I get to do work that I’m truly inspired by.
— Gemma Nelson, Founder of Purity Health

My own personal journey to health and wellness started in my early twenties, after a couple unlucky bouts of food poisoning left me struggling with severe symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). 

After getting no relief from conventional medicine, I turned to alternative therapies. 

The results were so profound, that I left my successful (stressful) job in advertising (scary decision!) to completely re-train in Holistic Therapies, and I've never looked back.

In 2013, having studied and practiced in the UK for 6 years, with leading natural health practitioners, fertility specialists, acupuncturists, nutritionists, naturopaths and fitness trainers, I decided to move my practice (and husband!) to beautiful Dubai.

How it works.

Individual Wellbeing Plan

After an initial consultation, I take the time to fully assess your whole-body needs, and work intuitively with you to design and support your individual wellbeing plan. 

Already know what you need?

Simply click through to the treatments page and make an enquiry via the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Practical, tailored advice

I also offer practical, tailored advice to ensure you get the best out of your experience, including lifestyle, dietary and purposeful supplementary recommendations.

I get to make a positive difference in my patient’s lives, on a daily basis. There’s nothing more rewarding that that.
— Gemma Nelson, Founder of Purity Health

Calming Approach

I've been a patient myself, so I fully understand the concerns and fears you may have, but please know that you will always be treated with a calm, friendly, reassuring and supportive approach.  

Client Confidentiality

Your privacy is paramount. All personal information is held safely, and in the strictest of confidence.


Essentially AE - Juicing & Juice Detox Programmes

Find out more about how Juicing and Colon Hydrotherapy & Lymphatic Drainage go hand in hand, in my Juice Detox Blog.

Get your exclusive 10% DISCOUNT off any juice cleanse at after your treatment with me! While cleansing with Essentially you will also receive a lovely 10% off colon hydrotherapy with me just quote the unique Essentially/ PurityHealth Code when booking.

Jason Vale - The Juice Master

Proud to be one of Jason Vale's approved Colon Hydrotherapist Consultants at his stunning Juicy Oasis Retreat & Spa in Portugal. Future dates to be announced.