My experience at Jason Vale's Juicy Oasis Retreat & Spa

Working at the Juicy Oasis retreat in Portugal with the Jason Vale team has to be one of the best things I have ever done.

It was so rewarding seeing all the guests benefit from colon hydrotherapy, alongside their juicing journey.

Personally, wonderful for me to experience the fabulous surroundings, not to mention two weeks of healthy juicing! I felt fabulous and my husband said I looked incredible when I returned (always nice to hear!).

Gemma Nelson Colon Hydrotherapist at Jason Vale's Juicy Oasis

My first working experience at the retreat was back in June-July 2013, literally just before I moved to Dubai. I left work at Natural Practices Clinic in Wilmslow, packed all our life-long belongings ready to be shipped to Dubai, said goodbye to my husband (who travelled to Dubai earlier) and then hopped on a plane to Lisbon. I was greeted at the other end by the transfer to head to the magical Juicy oasis.

Jason Vale's Juicy Oasis -

It was a fabulous way for me to finishing my working days in UK and send me on my way to my new adventure here in Dubai. Working on a retreat had always been one of my dreams and a must on my tick list, it could not have come at a more perfect time.

The place itself is amazing, very luxurious whilst the staff and guests all still really down to earth. I've visited detox retreats in Thailand and whilst I felt great afterwards, I must admit some (in my experience) are very intense and don't feel that fun while you are there. More of a means to a detox.

For me, Juicy Oasis was a totally different detox experience. Yes, I was working, but the juicing was effortless and you simply forgot that no food was involved.

There were so many healthy activities to keep you occupied (if you chose) from morning hikes, walks, runs, yoga, meditation, rebounding, all before the first juice and daily shot (wheatgrass, beetroot or ginger)

I was working quite long hours and treating up to ten guest on some days. However, waking up early, I had enormous amount of energy to participate in activities before I started treating daily colon hydrotherapy clients.

Any free gaps and quieter days I also jumped at the chance to join in with the fitness classes, swims in the lake, quick work out in the gym, or just a bit of R&R in the relaxation pods in the serene and tranquil spa.

Relaxation pods

Relaxation pods

The evenings were chilled and relaxed with chatting to guests and watching of the many amazing documentaries such as Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, Hungry for Change and Forks Over Knives to name a few. I'm sure Jason's own incredible documentary SuperJuiceMe will be on show from now on too! 

I found it amazing to see the guest’s transformations with just one week of juicing and it is lovely that I am still in touch with so many of the wonderful people I met there.  I look forward to working there again in the future. 

As they say on the retreat ‘Sometimes the only way to move forward is to retreat!’ Until next time Juicy O.....

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Have you had a similar experience at a retreat? Have you been to one of Jason Vale's? Would you like to know more about the benefits of juicing? Let me know in the comments.

Love Gemma x

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