Juice Detox - Reboot your body & mind

Get a flat tummy, feel refreshed, revitalised and detoxified.

My juicer at home. Spinach, cucumber, ginger, lemon & parsley. Yum!

My juicer at home. Spinach, cucumber, ginger, lemon & parsley. Yum!

Personally, I love juicing. I've been overwhelmed by just how good a juice cleanse makes me feel. 

Whilst trying to balance a busy work and home life, along with everyday stress, eating healthily can slowly start to slip, even with the best intentions.

Feel better fast!

Juicing is a perfect way to re-set your body and your mindset to get back on track and feel great.

When I'm juicing, my energy levels soar, my skin glows and any tummy bloating disappears.  Now, who doesn't want a flatter stomach?!

I never feel deprived doing it, my body is getting the right elements of vitamins and minerals. For me, it curbs those sweet cravings and gets me back on track wanting to eat lovely clean, nutritious food. 

Why juicing goes hand in hand with colon hydrotherapy

As a Colon Hydrotherapist, I work with patients with digestive issues, food cravings, food intolerances, people seeking detoxification programmes or simply for general wellbeing. In all cases, I always recommend juicing.

For some people, a total juice fast or cleanse is appropriate, but for others, we discuss simply adding in juices to their diets to act as an effective supplementation of vital vitamins and minerals.

What sort of juice do I recommend?

In my opinion, the ‘greener’ the juice the better. Veggie juice is my preferred choice, as opposed to too much ‘fruit’ juices. It's important to keep that sugar spike low.

Colon hydrotherapy treatment really does enhance the detoxification process. Some of you may find (as I do), sometime the bowels slow down or just stop working all together during a cleanse, which is due to the limited amount of fibre intake. 

During a detox its crucial that things keep moving to flush out toxins and help relive any ‘healing crisis’ of headaches, fatigue, breakout of spots that may naturally occur when the body is ridding itself of toxicity. 

Don’t let that put you off! It will pass, and along with a colonic, my top tip would also be to drink plenty of water during your juice cleanse. Even if you feel full to the brim with liquid, it really will help. 

Dry skin brushing, using a natural fibre body brush in sweeping motions towards the heart, also helps to speed up the detoxification process, as your skin is the largest of the detoxification organs in the body. Keeping the skin clear and unclogged from lotions and potions and using the skin brush daily will also boost your lymphatic system to further enhance the juice cleanse and leave your skin super smooth.

As a consultant Colon Hydrotherapist for Jason Vale’s Juicy Oasis in Portugal, I see time and time again how well colon hydrotherapy and juice fasting work together. Guests on his 7 day juice detox get colon hydrotherapy support and achieve the best results.

I’m happy to be partnered here in Dubai with Essentially to offer the same support. 

Contact me for details and get an exclusive 10% discount off any Essentially juice cleanse after your treatment with me.

Colon Hydrotherapy + Juicing = The Perfect Combo!

I'd love to hear your experience of juice detoxes... How did you feel? How many days did you last? What did you struggle with? What results did you see? What are your favourite juice recipes? Have you tried it with colon hydrotherapy? Let me know in the comments below. 

Happy juicing! 

Love Gemma 

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