What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Help your body to clear toxins, improve and assist your immune system naturally and experience a feeling of relaxation and vitality.

Lymphatic drainage with Gemma Nelson, Dubai www.purityhealth.org


Lymphatic drainage is a gentle massage that stimulates the body's lymphatic system, it helps to:

  • improve metabolism
  • eliminate waste and toxins
  • boost the immune system
  • reduces stubborn cellulite
  • drain fluid and water retention

Lymphatic massage requires a thorough knowledge of the anatomy of the lymphatic system, I have trained and practiced for a decade in the UK and Dubai, helping hundreds of patients.

Gemma makes me feel incredibly cared for, safe and nurtured. The gentleness, yet strength, during lymph drainage allows feeling of trust and wellbeing that seems to flow with the massage. I trust Gemma completely.
— UK patient (cellulite & water retention)

This is a full body treatment, but a specific area can be concentrated on, such as abdominal area, legs or arms, if necessary after initial assessment. 

The Benefits

This relaxing, therapeutic treatment is perfect for helping to:

  • tackle stubborn cellulite
  • improve muscle tone
  • boost circulation
  • improve areas of excess water retention and bloating (including pre-menstrual bloating, around the abdomen and thighs)
  • relieve the symptoms of oedema
  • clear areas of lymph congestion and stagnation
  • reduce swollen ankles & legs, especially after flying

The effects of Lymphatic Drainage Massage can be enhanced when used alongside daily body brushing, which you can do at home for great results.

Watch this short video for a detailed explanation of how to do this at home, "sweep sweep!". Read more about it on the blog.

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